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The BTGCA is an association headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. The BTGCA is owned and operated by tobacco farmers in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and West Virginia.

The BTGCA was founded in 1921 by a group of tobacco farmers with a unique, but simple vision for marketing the highest quality tobacco in the world. With the formation of this new organization, tobacco farmers could produce, process and effectively market their tobacco directly to manufacturers. 

​From 1941 until 2004 the BTGCA played an active role in operating the U.S. Federal Tobacco Program for burley tobacco growers in its member states. The BTGCA managed excess tobacco to provide stability to the tobacco market. Tobacco was processed and stored until it could be sold at a later date.

In 2004, the U.S. Federal Tobacco Program was eliminated . However, the BTGCA continues as a viable cooperative association. We have the experience and capacity to supply the highest quality burley tobacco to customers worldwide.

The Bylaws of the Association define membership and how to become a member as follows:

Section 1. The Association members may be hereinafter referred to as:

 “Grower members - Any person that joins the Association and so certifies to the Association that he or she is a producer (land owner, operator, landlord, tenant or sharecropper) currently sharing in the risk of producing and marketing Burley tobacco in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and West Virginia and certifies to the Association that he or she is actively producing Burley tobacco during the current crop year.” 


Section 2.  “To certify to the Association that a person is actively producing and marketing Burley tobacco during the current crop year, such person must submit to the Association a signed contract, bill of sale, check stub or bank deposit from a receiving station, Federal Crop Insurance Claim Form, or Farm Service Agency Form 578 during the current crop year.  A person must make this certification annually, for each crop year, in order to retain membership in the Association. This annual certification requirement applies to all potential Association members, including those who request membership in the Association prior to the adoption of this Section 2. The Board of Directors shall resolve all questions or issues which arise regarding the sufficiency or accuracy of, or other issue concerning, any certification for membership in the Association, and the Board's decision shall be dispositive of all such questions and issues.”

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