Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association
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The primary purpose of the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association is to work on behalf of our members to promote, foster and encourage the business of marketing tobacco, to minimize speculation and waste in the production and marketing of tobacco, to stabilize tobacco markets, and to handle cooperatively and collectively the problems of tobacco growers.
Consistent with this purpose, our major goal is to improve profitability and stability for our members, while maintaining or increasing production market share.

The Burley Cooperative is governed by a 23 -member Board of Directors. The Board of Directors represents growers’ concerns and addresses tobacco issues at the local, state, national, and world levels. The Burley Co-op is the voice for burley tobacco farmers and their families.

Membership is defined as (a) Grower members - Any person that joins the Association and so certifies to the Association that he or she is a producer (land owner, operator, landlord, tenant or sharecropper) currently sharing in the risk of producing and marketing Burley tobacco in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and West Virginia and certifies to the Association that he or she is producing at least 500 pounds of Burley tobacco during the current crop year or has reported growing at least 500 pounds of Burley tobacco to the Farm Service Agency on the FSA-578 (crop report) the previous year.
Board of Directors
District 1
Robert L. James

District 2
Tim Lyons

District 3
Thomas Ingram

District 4
Eddie Martin

District 5
Roger F. Quarles

District 6
Pat Raines, President

District 7
Guy J. Heitkemper

District 8
Larry Stone Gomer

District 9
James Dale Seay

District 10
Treasurer Al Pedigo

District 11
Donald Mitchell

District 12
Dave Chappell

District 13
Secretary Robert Reed Bush

District 14
Bill Courts

District 15
Paul Tucker

District 16
Troy Martin

District 17
Tim Tarter

District 18
Eddie Warren, Vice President

District 19
Joe Luckett

District 20
Mike Slaughter

District 21
Cappy Adkins

District 22
Mark Turner

District 23 
Kevin Rawlings